Changing the insurance game.

We have a professional network in place to not only provide you with the best coverage at an affordable price, but we also have a network of professionals who can assist you and your business with the tools necessary to succeed and give you peace of mind.

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We combine the benefits of the best plans to tailor your insurance to what you need at an affordable price. We know that you may not want every benefit available but we have the experience to get you what you need to protect your home, business and trust assets.

We ensure every customer is treated equally. Whether you are looking for single car insurance or estate assets, every client will get the attention their matter deserves.


Stay committed

To our clients and give them the resource and protection they need for their personal, business and estate assets.


Provide all

The available information to new renters, homeowners and trustees to help ensure you're providing the best protection and pro-active care for your assets.


Work to

Incorporate our network to assist our clients with other professional resources to meet their needs on a personal and professional basis.

Meet the awesome team behind the Insurance Man. We’re bringing a fresh look to insurance by ensuring you get the best rates and eliminating the headache of worrying about multiple insurance bills.

Stephen Petersen

The Insurance Man

Know that you and your loved ones are protected

Professional and affordable . We offer tailored plans that meet your coverage needs at an affordable price.

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